Kids in motion

KINDY – Fridays, 8:55 – 12:45
A program for kindergarten-aged children (5-6). Inspired by British and American kindergarten programs, children learn the basics of reading and writing based on phonics, and expand their vocabulary through theme-based sessions focused on mathematics, science, geography, history, plus music and drama. Children are left at the center for this fully-supervised program. Children attending this course has to be fluent in spoken English.

MaD – Fridays, 10:00 – 10:45
Music and drama program for children aged 3-4 years old is designed to have fun together. Kids are introduced to the performing arts through early children songs, dancing and acting. Children learn new songs and find out about rhythm, learn to express themselves through dancing and movements. Kids will be playing games as well as learning to speak. Children are left at the center for this fully-supervised program. Course runs weekly, always 45 min.

English Club „Friendship and Stories“, Fridays 13:00 – 15:30
Class Acts is dedicated to create an environment where children have fun and are creative. If your child is 5-8 years old our English Club is the place to be on Fridays afternoons! Socialising and making friends is an important part of kids development and research has shown how friendship helps children to learn more about themselves, to develop their identity and to build self-esteem. At the English Club your child will have group activities that promote positive interactions among peers while making friends and expanding their language skills! Through the use of children’s literature we will build a bridge for rich conversations about friendship and maintaining relationships. Children will take turns and lead a number of tasks including the book selection of the month. Based on this book/story a series of activities will take place to support positive social skills, creativity and fun.
For who: kids aged 5-8 yo with at least basic English language skills
Fee: CZK6 500 / semester (CZK500 / afternoon)